Arnold Chon
OHF actor Arnold Chon
Name: Arnold Julian Chon
Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Birthdate: October 9, 1980
Active: 1997–present
Films appeared in: Olympus Has Fallen
Role: One of Kang's henchmen

Arnold Julian Chon (born October 9, 1980) is an American stuntman and actor who portrayed four different roles in Olympus Has Fallen:

  • his first role was as a henchman seen in the hallway during the inital takeover of the White House
  • the second role was as a goon killed in the armory/control room by Mike Banning
  • his third role was being one of the men sent along with Yu to go search for Connor Asher prior to Connor being saved by Banning
  • the fourth role was doubling Kevin Moon's character Cho during the shoot-out where Banning rescues Connor and for the character's death where he was shot by Banning near the end

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Arnold Chon portrayed a double role as three of Kang Yeonsak's men in Olympus Has Fallen.



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