Assassination Attempt on Allan Trumbull
Location: Eastern United States
Date of Event: 2019
Outcome: The Following occur:
  • The drone attack on the lake result in deaths in many Secret Service agents and injuries to President Allan Trumbull and Agent Mike Banning
Media: Angel Has Fallen

The Assassination Attempt on Allan Trumbull was a conspiracy between Salient Global and U.S. Vice President Martin Kirby to assassinate U.S President Allan Trumbull and attack Russia for the false attempt.

Prelude Edit

During Allan Trumbull's presidency, he rejected private military companies on missions and aimed for peaceful relations with Russia, despite the Russians interfering in an election. However, his Vice President Martin Kirby was against his goals and believed that Trumbull's rejection of private military companies and diplomacy with Russia made America look vulnerable. Kirby secretly planned to assassinate Trumbull by hiring one of said companies, Salient Global, to frame the top Secret Service agent Mike Banning for Trumbull's assassination in return for a 10 million dollar payment. Kirby would then become the new President in office and attack Russia for the false assassination.

Events Edit

To be added.

Aftermath Edit

After Trumbull's rescue, the FBI dropped all charges against Banning and its allegations with Russia in Trumbull's attempted assassination. Afterwards, Trumbull was reinstated and attended the G20 Summit in Hamburg with other world leaders to ease tensions with Russia. Kirby was also discovered to be the true culprit behind the plot thanks to the evidence uncovered by the late Thompson. After Trumbull, revealed that he knew Kirby's conspiracy, he has Gentry escort him personally as a gift before his retirement. Kirby was then impeached and arrested for treason. Clay also decided to move in with Mike's family, intending not to abandon his son again. Sometime later, Mike visited the White House to offer his resignation due to guilt, but Trumbull forgave Mike of his mistakes and promoted him to Service Service Director. Afterwards, Mike and Clay went to the Zero Gravity Center.

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