The Assassination Attempt on Allan Trumbull was a conspiracy created by Salient Global who worked with U.S Vice President Martin Kirby to assassinate U.S President Allan Trumbull and attack Russia for the false attempt.

Prelude Edit

During Allan Trumbull's presidency, he rejected private military companies on missions and aimed for peaceful relations with Russia, despite the Russians interfering in an election. However, Martin Kirby; the Vice President of his administration was against his goals and believed that Trumbull's rejection of private military companies and diplomacy with Russia made America look vulnerable. Kirby secretly planned to assassinate Trumbull by hiring a private military company called Salient Global to frame the top Secret Service agent Mike Banning for Trumbull's assassination in return for a 10 million dollar payment. Kirby would then become the new President in office and attack Russia for the false assassination.

Events Edit

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