Bronson (died 2016) was a member of the United States Secret Service and served in President Benjamin Asher's detail.


After Olympus Has Fallen Edit

After the White House Siege, Bronson was one of the many members recruited into U.S Secret Service to replace those killed.

London Has FallenEdit

Bronson was present when Air Force One at London Stansted Airport.

As Marine One arrived in Somerset House, Bronson opened the helicopter door to let President Benjamin Asher, Secret Service director Lynne Jacobs and Agent Mike Banning out. The group enter the Presidential Limo to go to St. Paul's Cathedral for the funeral of Prime Minister James Wilson. When they arrive, Bronson gets out of the passenger seat of the limo as Banning gets out from the rear door. As Bronson surveys the area, he notices Banning's suspicious look. Bronson asked if anything was up, and Banning replies that the situation just bugs him a lot. Bronson then stood by Asher and Jacobs as they got out of the limo to speak to new British Prime Minister Leighton Clarkson.

When terrorists disguised as London police officers attacked the cathedral, Bronson took charge of Jacobs as Banning covered for Asher. Unable to get inside the cathedral, they head for the presidential limo. They find that the limo's engine had been disabled by a thermite grenade, and resorted to using it as cover. As the majority of the responding Secret Service agents were being killed, Bronson managed to kill one terrorist in a London Metropolitan police car.

As Secret Service agent Voight arrived in a bulletproof Land Rover, Bronson and Banning escorted Asher and Jacobs to the vehicle. As Bronson was about to get inside the vehicle, one of the terrorists outside the cathedral shot him in the back of the head, instantly killing him. Banning quickly shot and killed the terrorist who killed Bronson. Bronson's body is left at the cathedral as the group make their escape.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Agent Bronson was portrayed by Andrew Pleavin in London Has Fallen.


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