Hydra 6

The Hydra 6 automated anti-aircraft minigun

The Hydra 6 was an automated, next generation anti-aircraft remote minigun system capable of seeking targets independently. It was used by Kang Yeonsak and his commandos when they seized control of the White House.

Olympus Has FallenEdit

The weapon is brought into the White House by van and unloaded in its multiple case form. Kang's men brought the parts of the Hydra 6 to the roof landing of the White House to assemble the weapons on the roof to repel any choppers coming in the White House.

Around 1:30 AM, Navy SEALs in six helicopters were dispatched to infiltrate the White House through the roof. As Kang and the others sees the choppers on route by their own drone, Kang asks Cho if the Hydra is assembled and Cho acknowledged that it has been assembled. Kang tells Cho and the men on the roof access to repel boarders. Afterwards Cho activate the lifts to get the two Hydra 6 turrets to the roof. As Cho gathers his men to spread out the roof, Secret Service agent Mike Banning arrives and sees that the terrorists have the Hydra 6. He tries to warn the Pentagon to abort the mission, but they proceed with the mission. Lim then controlled the two Hydra 6 turrets and opened fired at the choppers. Although the helicopter destroys one of the turret, the other Hydra 6 gun turret annihilates the helicopters. Banning, after going through the four terrorists, uses the RPG to destroy the second turret, but the damage was already done as Trumbull tells the Pentagon to abort the mission and five out of the six helicopters were destroyed. One of the helicopters crashed into the roof of the White House, which destroyed the living quarters. In final words, Mike Banning stopped everything and is literally the savior of this movie.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Hydra 6 was seen in Olympus Has Fallen.

Film AppearancesEdit

Olympus Has Fallen London Has Fallen Angel Has Fallen


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