John Refoua
OHF- John Refoua
Name: John Refoua
Occupation: Editor
Active: 1992 - present
Films appeared in: Olympus Has Fallen
Role: Editor

John Refoua is the editor who editing work of Olympus Has Fallen.


Refoua worked on several TV shows, including Touched by an Angel, New York Undercover, Law & Order, Dark Angel, CSI: Miami, Reno 911! and Sleepy Hollow.

Among his film work are Balls of Fury, Avatar and 21 & Over. After Olympus Has Fallen, Refoua worked along director Antoine Fuqua in The Equalizer (with Melissa Leo) and the upcoming Southpaw.

Behind the scenesEdit

John Refoua was the editor of Olympus Has Fallen.


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