Olympus has fallen ac 130 scene

Olympus has fallen ac 130 scene

The Koreans for United Freedom, also known as the K.U.F., was a paramilitary terrorist organization that wanted the United States of America to pay for what they considered unreasonable and a threat to society after the U.S. tried to assist with the growing conflict between the North and the South sides of Korea.


The organization was conceived sometime during the twenty-first century and how it managed to enter the shores of the United States is still unbeknownst.

Its goal was to unify the Korean Pennisula by attacking and capturing the White House and coercing the U.S officials to withdraw the U.S Seventh Fleet from the Sea of Japan and 28,500 U.S troops that were defending South Korea from the DMZ which would lead to a North Korean invasion of South Korea. The organization also secretly intended to destroy the United States by using a highly classified fail safe called Cerberus to detonate the entire American nuclear arsenal in their silos, which would turn the U.S into a nuclear wasteland and cause most of America's population to perish.

Whether the various militia that made up the countless legions of North Korean soldiers were either former soldiers of the North, mercenaries or a mixture of both is up for debate.

The terrorist organization became defunct after Mike Banning killed Kang Yeonsak and all members.

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To see other members of this terrorist organization, please see the list of unnamed terrorists.

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  • Some of the key characters seen in the film and listed here on the official movie website's profile dossier don't match up in terms of names, possibly due to being earlier movie script aliases.
OHF- Kang's KUF Organization and Minions List

Key members of the Koreans for United Freedom

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