London Siege
Location: London, England
United Kingdom
Outcome: The Following occur:
Media: London Has Fallen

The London Siege was a terrorist attack masterminded by Aamir Barkawi in an attempt to kill the G8 leaders.


It is unknown how long the London Siege was planned for. It may have been planned out following the drone strike planned by G8 nations on Barkawi's family in Pakistan in an attempt to kill him. The London Siege was first put into effect when British Prime Minister James Wilson was mysteriously killed. The terrorists working for Barkawi would then attempt to assassinate several leaders of Western nations in retaliation of the death of his family members.

The SiegeEdit

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The London Siege was impacting, especially to Western countries. The attack decimated parts on London and five Western leaders were assassinated. Several civilians, Metropolitan Police Officers, and Secret Service agents were also killed, including Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs. However, Benjamin Asher's assassination was thwarted in time, thanks to Mike Banning and a squad of Mi6 agents. 2 weeks after the attacks and the death of wanted arms dealer/terrorist mastermind Aamir Barkawi, Parts of London were reconstructed and Leighton Clarkson was elected as Prime Minster with a new government installed.

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