London Stansted Airport
LHF - Stanstead Airport
Type: International Airport
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Country: England
City: London
Appeared in: London Has Fallen

London Stansted Airport (IATA: STN, ICAO: EGSS) is an international airport located at Stansted Mountfitchet in the local government district of Uttlesford in Essex, 30 mi (48 km) northeast of Central London and 0.93 mi (1.50 km) from the Hertfordshire border.

London Has FallenEdit

After the death of British Prime Minister James Wilson, U.S. President Benjamin Asher flew to London on Air Force One and landed on Stansted Airport, where Marine One, along with Marine Two and Marine Three, we're waiting. As Secret Service Agent Mike Banning and other agents went off the ramp first, Secret Service Lynne Jacobs and President Asher came off Air Force One soon after. While heading for Marine One, MI-5 Counter-Intelligence Chief John Lancaster arrived and met up with Banning. Lancaster said that they arrived early and Banning told him that they moved the schedule up which how they work. Banning also told Lancaster the fewer people who know Asher's motorcade route, the better for his safety. Lancaster asked why he never told this and Banning said that nobody was told this as it was to be surprised as he went onboard Marine One with Asher, Jacobs and some Secret Service agents.

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