Marine One is the helicopter aircraft of the President of the United States.

History Edit

London Has FallenEdit

Marine One landed in London Stansted Airport as President Benjamin Asher, along with Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs, Agent Mike Banning and other Secret Service agents came aboard after arriving in the airport for the funeral of British Prime Minister James Wilson. Marine One, along with Marine Two and Marine Three, landed in the Somerset House where it was set up as a rendezvous point for the President's motorcade to go to St. Paul's Cathedral. After multiple terrorist attacks of London, Asher, along with Banning and Jacobs, went back to Marine One to return to Stansted Airport where Air Force One was at. After Marine Three was shot down by terrorists using Stinger missiles, Marine One and Two dodged them with flares until they ran out. After Marine Two was taken out, Marine One was finally shot down and it crashed into Hyde Park. Although President Asher and Banning survived, Jacobs was fatally injured in the crash. Jacobs told Banning to stay alive to see his kid born and make those terrorists pay before dying, probably due to internal injury and bleeding. Banning and Asher ran away from the crash site as terrorists in motorcycles were closing in on the scene.

Angel Has FallenEdit

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