This is a description of Mike Banning's actions during Olympus Has Fallen.

Olympus Has FallenEdit

Tragedy in Camp DavidEdit

On December 25, 2011, at an icy night at Camp David, Banning and President Asher were boxing each other on the ring downstairs in a sparring match. They were soon interrupted by another Secret Service agent, Dave Forbes, who told them that they had to leave in 10 minutes. While they were taking their boxing gear off, Asher jokingly remarked to Mike that he is not supposed to hit a President and Banning replies he knew that.

Mike Banning 2

Mike on the tragic night.

Minutes later, Banning changed to the tuxedo when they are taking the President and his family to a campaign fundraiser on Christmas. After learning that the snowstorm outside is getting worse, but advised to be drivable, Banning tells them to get the vehicles ready. He knocks on the door and tells the president that they are to leave to 5 minutes. Then First Lady Margaret Asher comes up and shows off whatever she should wear the long or the short earrings. Banning suggests she should wear the small one because it would be a classic look for a classy lady.

Then Banning goes to Benjamin and Margaret's son, Connor, was playing Uncharted 3. Banning tells him that the bloodbath will start if Margaret catches him playing it and turns off the TV. Connor remarks to Mike that he sucks as he shuts off the game console and Banning replies that he sucks worse as they prepared to leave.

Banning tells Agent Mark Diaz to ride shotgun on Presidential state car nicknamed The Beast, considering his Christmas gift. He asked Forbes if he was okay to stay back and watch the fort. Forbes says with that snowstorm, he'll get out of the tuxedo, seat by the fire and watch Breaking Bad. Banning tells Forbes to leave the babysitter alone. Then he and other Secret Service agents leave Camp David with the President and First Lady as Connor goes with him, as well as Agents Roma and O'Neil.

As Banning, along with Roma and O'Neil, drive Connor in their vehicle, Banning reminds Connor to put his seat belt on. Then he goes over with Connor on number of emergency exits in the West Wing, how many feet from the Oval Office to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) elevator and the number of the security cameras that have audio. Banning says that they make the Secret Service agent out of Connor yet and Roma remarks that he just needs to remember to put his seat belt on.

While traveling, a tree breach falls onto the lead vehicle and crashes into the limo. The lead vehicle crashes through the bridge and falls into the icy water below. The presidential limo then went to the edge of the damage part of the bridge, balancing precariously. Banning and the other agents rushed to the limo when it was sliding down. Banning managed to get the passenger door open, but passenger side door on Margaret's side was jammed. Though Asher attempted to save the unconscious Margaret, he was pulled from the car by Banning when it was about to fall off the bridge.

The car plummeted to the frozen river below, killing Margaret, Diaz and another agent on impact. As President Asher screamed in agony, Banning, along with Connor and the Secret Service agents, were in deep shock over the loss of Margaret.

Haunted by failureEdit

18 months later at July 5, 2013, Mike is still haunted by his failure to save the First Lady. After that tragedy, he was demoted to the desk job in the Treasury Department and had since been a troubled workaholic. He was talking to his wife Leah after he missed the 4th of July celebration with her. He promised he will take her to see the movie among other social events.

At the diner, Banning meets up Secret Service director Lynne Jacobs as well as his former subordinates, including Roma and O'Neil. Roma, who took over Mike's spot as head of the Presidential Detail, introduces Banning to Agent Jones. After Roma and the others left since they have to meet up the South Korean delegation in the White House, including South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo, Banning tells Jacobs that he wants back in the Presidential Detail because he is unhappy with the desk job at the Treasury Department. Jacobs assures him that he did what was necessary on that bridge and even President Asher knows that. Jacobs says that Asher just isn't ready to see him everyday because a sight of him still reminds him of Margaret's death and hasn't stopped grieving properly. Banning asks Jacobs about Connor. She replies that he still misses his mother, but still misses Banning and drives the Secret Service crazy with his hiding spots thanks for Banning's training. Jacobs told Banning that he has start living in the real world and forgive himself for failing to save Margaret. As Jacobs was leaving, Banning thanked her for the support.

Back in his car, Banning calls Leah on her cell, but gets her voice mail and says he's just checking in. Then he arrives in the Treasury Department. Around 6:PM, Banning hears the motorcade of the South Korean delegation arriving. Then he tosses the soft ball around his computer screen.

White House TakenEdit

P229-E2 Olympus

Banning heard the unusual sound of the plane flying close by and sees the customized C-130 Hercules attacking Washington, D.C.. He rushed out of the Treasury Department and ran outside. When he sees the C-130 making an attack run, Banning yells out to everyone get out of the way. As the plane fired at the streets and killing Secret Service agents and civilians, he pushes two civilians into the car and covers himself and the civilians into the car to avoid the attack. As the plane went by, he tells the two civilians he saved to stay down in the car as he ran towards the White House and yelling at everyone to take cover.

As Banning made it to the White House, he sees the White House was damaged by the C-130 mini-guns and numerous bodyguards we're killed. He sees the South Korean flag in the limousines. Then a bus explodes and destroys a nearby police car, causing everyone around it to panic, Banning sees two Korean men coming to close to the front fence. He yells to the two men to get down. When they refused to and are about to suicide bomb the fence, he kills one of them. But the other man detonates the bomb and destroys the fence. As he was blew away by the blast radius, Banning was temporary dazed by the blast. As the group of Korean men began their operation to attack the White House, Banning tried to contact anyone on the radio, but getting no response. As the terrorists went in the North Lawn, Banning grabbed his P229 pistol and entered the front lawn during the gunfight, killing two terrorists from behind. As he went to one of the trees, one of the terrorists spotted him and fired at him. But Banning kills that gunman.

As the Korean terrorists we're advancing to the White House, DC Metro police officers fired at them from the outside. But a female Korean sniper kills them. Banning carefully aims his pistol at her and shot her in the head, killing her instantly. As Banning goes cover to cover by the trees, he reloads a new magazine into his pistol. When he sees one of his friends got shot in the neck, Banning kills one of the advancing terrorists to go to the front entrance and has the wounded agent into the ground behind cover. He tried to help the agent, but the agent dies. Banning reloads his last magazine and asked his former co-workers where President Asher is. One of his friends says he doesn't know.

As more reinforcements from the Secret Service were coming to the front door, Banning was about to fire back at the terrorists when he saw them going down. Then he sees a FN M240D machine gun hidden in the garbage truck and tries to warn the agents to go back inside. But a majority of the agents were killed by the machine gun fire as Banning watched in horror. Then he looks back out and sees a terrorist about to fire a RPG rocket. He yells out to the agents with him as the rocket destroys the front door and kills three Secret Service agents nearby. Banning yells to the two agents with him to get inside the building. As Banning makes it inside the White House, the other two agents we're killed by the terrorists. Then he retreated to the stairway. Then Banning watches as the Korean terrorists entered the White House as he finds out he ran out of ammo in his P229 pistol. Banning further retreats upstairs to avoid detection.

Lone IntruderEdit

As the White House was taken, Banning explores around to find any weapons and checking out if any agents are alive. He finds Roma's body, having been shot death. Banning briefly looked at his body somberly. When the terrorists shut the power down in the White House, Banning realizes that the surveillance feed is still operational and heads for the control room. Then he kills one of the terrorists by stabbing him repeatedly with his knife and finishes him off by slashing him in the throat. As Banning takes the terrorist's pistol, he finds a picture of Connor, realizing that they are looking for him. Banning pushes in the code panel and gets another pistol from a lock box. Then he gets access to the computer and Banning uses his thumbprint on the scanner to access the computer and disables the surveillance cameras so the terrorists wouldn't find him and Connor easily.

As Banning reaches the Oval Office, he tries to contact The Pentagon on the phone, but finds out that all phone lines are down. Then he goes behind a picture where a safe is at and opens the safe where the President's satellite phone is at. Then contacts The Pentagon with it. While waiting to patched through, Banning sees C-4 explosives on the windows of the Oval Office.

Then he was patched into the Situation Room in the Pentagon where Jacobs, Speaker of the House Allan Trumbull and U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Edward Clegg are at. Banning tells Echelon 4 and gives Jacobs his designation code. The surprised Jacobs asked where he is at. Banning confirms to her that he is in the Oval Office while getting a pistol from the desk. He asked if President Asher is in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (P.E.O.C.) bunker. After place on hold for a few seconds, Jacobs confirms to Banning that the president is in the bunker, where he is being held hostage. After Banning gets the pistol, he asked Jacobs what do the terrorists want. Jacobs says that they are still trying to find out and Trumbull says he's the Acting President. When the Speaker asked Banning if there any other survivors with him, Banning says all of the agents in there are wiped out and gives everyone at The Pentagon the situation report. While doing so, he gets into the President's laptop and deletes the classified files so no one will get their hands on it. He asked where Connor is at and Jacobs says that they don't know his location, but it's presumed to be inside the White House. He tells them that the terrorists are looking for him and tells everyone to use him.

After briefly looking at the pictures of the President and his family, he goes on and sees a Korean terrorist coming at the Oval Office and fights him. Despite the terrorist's fighting prowess, Banning soon overpowers him and bashed his head with the bust statue of Abraham Lincoln, killing the terrorist.

Banning takes a picture of the Korean tattoo of a terrorist's nape and sends it to the Pentagon. Jacobs asked if the commando's alive and Banning only replied, "Ask me a serious question." Nobody in the Pentagon recognized the tattoo and Trumbull has the director of the CIA to get it over to Langley. Trumbull tells Banning that they want to them to recall the Seventh Fleet and pull their troops out of Korea. He reluctantly also tells Banning that a Cerberus code has been entered. While loading the dead terrorist's weapons, Banning asked what Cerberus is and General Clegg said it's classified. Banning persuades to tell them what it is. Trumbull informs him that Cerberus is a highly-classified three-prong fail-safe device that self-detonates any U.S. nuclear missiles during an abort. Three top U.S. government officials have the partial output on the codes to activate Cerberus; President Asher, Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Joe Hoenig, all of them held hostage in the bunker. Jacobs says if they get those codes and self-detonate the nukes, it will leave America vulnerable for a nuclear strike. Banning tells them to change the codes, but NSA Deputy Director Ray Monroe says that they can't do that since Cerberus is designed to a self-contained, isolated program and the only way to change the code is the computer located inside the bunker itself. Banning suspects that they are out to get Connor to make President Asher reveal his Cerberus code. Trumbull says the President will hold out as long as possible, but if they get Connor and hurt him, Asher won't hold out under those circumstances. He authorizes Banning to find Connor and get him out of White House. Banning readily heads out to find Connor.

Saving SparkplugEdit

Banning finds Connor

Banning finds Connor in the hidden passageway.

Around 11:55 PM, while eluding the commandos in the hallways, Banning quietly gets to the Lincoln bedroom. After noticing the footsteps of the commandos, he sneaks into the hidden tunnels behind the Lincoln bedroom walls. As he was quietly looked in the wall, he finds Connor, who hid there during the attack. Connor was relieved to see Banning. Banning then informs The Pentagon that he found Connor (under his Secret Service code-name Sparkplug) and he's going to bring him out. Connor asked Banning about his father and he assures the boy that his father will be fine. Then a few tense moments, Banning waited for the moment and then he and Connor sprinted toward the other secret door as the terrorists fired at the walls. Banning blinds fire at them and wounds one of them. As he and Connor made it to the door, Banning dove down to the his side and fired the last two rounds in his pistol at the door of the Lincoln bedroom and quickly lets out the other pistol. He asked Connor if he was alright and Connor nodded. Then Banning tells Connor to stay close to him. He quickly escorts Connor out of the living quarters before the terrorists in the Lincoln Room can see them.

Banning get Connor to the sub-basement storage area and heads for the ventilation shaft that leads to the ground floor. He tells Connor to watch his back in case if any commandos come in as he unscrews the vent crate and informs The Pentagon will be coming out in the ground floor through the ventilation shaft in the northwest corner. After Banning finished unscrewing the vent grate, Connor asked if he was coming with him. Banning tells the boy that he has to go and get his dad. He then reminds Connor climbing the shaft is like doing the chimney climb that Banning taught Connor in the Rose Garden wall. Banning then gives Connor his own badge as he tells that he is a honorary Secret Service agent now. He lifts Connor to the shaft and Connor begins his climb to the top of the shaft. Banning informs the Pentagon that Connor is on his way up. Then he sees a shadow of one of the terrorists coming in the storage area. He tells Connor to wait up to prevent noises.

As the terrorist sees Connor in the shaft, Banning sneaked up and grabbed the terrorist from behind, strangling him with his arms and then breaks his neck. He tells Connor it's just a false alarm and tells to continue his climb. As Connor was climbing up, Banning tells Jacobs he's coming up. After a few tense moments, Jacobs tell Banning that Connor is out of the building safely, to his relief. The pleased Trumbull then authorizes Banning to try to get President Asher out. Banning acknowledged as he went out to try to save Asher.

Getting informationEdit

"I just ask them nicely."
―Banning replied to Jacobs after interrogating two of the terrorists. [src]

Meanwhile, Banning ambushed two of the commandos and knocks them out. He takes them to the Oval Office and ties them to the chair. He demands to know who is running the group. Banning asked them if them speak English and did they learn that language where they come from. He said to them that he is trained on how to extract information. The terrorists just laughed at him. Banning sarcastically says that it is funny. Then he stabs one of the terrorists in the neck to scare the other one. Banning then says he is guessed he is little rusty and sarcastically says to the other terrorist that his friend was a funny guy. Then he demands the name of his leader and how many men they have. When the terrorists speaks in the Korean language, Banning covers his mouth with his hand and stabs him in the leg, having the terrorist screamed out in pain. Banning tells them to speak in English.

After learning the leader's name is Kang Yeonsak, the head of the Koreans for United Freedom (K.U.F.), a paramilitary organization and that 40 commandos breached the front gate and they are 28 men left, he informs the Pentagon of the information. Jacobs asked Banning if they can trust the information and he replied he just ask them nicely. Monroe runs the name Kang Yeonsak. They finds out that Kang is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. Banning listens to Monroe's information on Kang as he learns that Kang was brought across DMZ as the child after his father was executed for crimes against the North Korea, but when they we're crossing the border, his mother was killed by an American landmine. Kang masterminded the 2004 bombing of the British Embassy in Seoul and funneled Pyongyang the uranium enrichment technology from Pakistan. He was never photographed or identified by any Western intelligence agency before and nobody thought to look for him inside the South Korean government. General Clegg said with the force that size, he has men who can swept them out in a short order. Banning tells the general that the terrorists are very tough. General Clegg says he's got the toughest guys in the world and that they need to know how to get in the PEOC bunker. Jacobs say that they don't get in there once the blast doors closed and it's nuclear-hardened. She also says to General Clegg that there is used to be some old tunnels, but they we're sealed up years ago. Banning tells Trumbull that they need to know what they are going to walk into and warns him not to launch anything until he did some reconnaissance.

Discovering a traitorEdit

"You know what. Why don't you and I play a game of fuck off. You go first."
―Banning confronts Kang on the radio. [src]

As Banning left the Oval Office, Kang contact him through the intercom and taunts him. Banning responds, saying what took him so long. Kang taunts to his intruder that he knows about his failure to save Margaret and that he will fail to save the President, stating that failure seemed to be the habit with Banning these days. Banning says that maybe he owns them for giving him a chance to make up for that today. Kang just says that he admires him for acknowledging his own failure, but states there is no going back and nothing he can do tonight can atone for his disgrace. Banning states that maybe he can't atone for his disgrace, but tells him that he might want to take a headcount and that Connor is out of the White House. Kang then taunts Banning again, asking about Leah and he knows about her too. Banning, fed up with Kang and quietly distressed by Kang mentioning Leah, just finished the conversation, saying that let each other play a game of "f*** off. You go first." and shuts off the radio. Then he continues on to the White House hallways.

Later in the hallway near the state's dining room, Banning sees someone coming and puts the gun to the man's head. To his surprise, it was Dave Forbes, who currently works a private contractor in Prime Minister Lee's security detail. As he stood down, the surprised Banning asked Forbes what was he doing in the White House and Forbes says that he was with the South Korean delegation when all this went down. Forbes asked the same thing to Banning since he knows Banning works in the Treasury Department and Banning says he came in through the front door. As they set down on the doorway near the state's dining room, Forbes asked Banning if the president's okay. Banning says that the terrorists got him in the bunker. Forbes asked if Roma made it and Banning shook his head, which seemingly upsets Forbes. Banning says that they have to continue on, but Forbes was acting strange for the moment and when he mentioned Kang's name, the surprised and suspicious Banning asked Forbes how did he know the leader's name. Forbes then tossed his cigarette on Banning and attacks him, revealing to be alongside Kang. Banning pushes to the table in the state's dining room. As Forbes pins Banning to the floor and tries to put his pistol on him, Banning was able to get the pistol out of Forbes' hand and strikes him off. As they stood, Banning then fought Forbes. Then Forbes lets out his own knife and tries to stab Banning with it, but Banning proves to be superior and stabs Forbes' chest with the knife Forbes was using and knocks him down.

As Banning leaned down to the mortally wounded Forbes, he confronts the traitor why he did all this. Forbes somberly and regretfully admits that he lost his way. Banning convinces Forbes to tell Kang that he killed him to help him buy time to save the president to make up for his treacherous deeds and uses the radio to have Forbes contact Kang. Forbes then tells Kang that he got Banning and that everything is clear. Once it was done, Banning finishes Forbes off by stabbing him in the head.

Rooftop battleEdit

Banning hears that General Clegg that they are planning to infiltrate the White House by going through the roof. Banning tells The Pentagon to wait and let him check out the roof first. Clegg only says that they are not waiting and Trumbull states that they have to secure Cerberus. Banning unhappily goes to the roof as fast as possible.

As Banning arrives in the roof access of the White House, he slowly peeks in and sees no one there at the moment. Then he sees a weapons control laptop. Banning realizes from the US Army package is the Hydra 6, a next generation prototype anti-aircraft weapon. As he sees the weapon moving up the lift, Banning tries to tell the Pentagon to hold the SEAL team away from the White House, but Clegg initially refuses to do so. Banning tries to shut down the weapon, but the access to it is locked out. He tells Jacobs that Kang and his men have the Hydra 6 and they have to abort the infiltration. Although Clegg knows what the Hydra 6 is, he still confident that the SEALs will take the weapon down. Banning angrily again tells them to abort the mission in vain.

Having no choice, Banning sees one of the terrorists coming in the roof access. He charges at him and shots the terrorist in the leg to use him as a human shield. Banning then kills two of the terrorists with his pistol using that terrorist as a shield. Then the fourth terrorist pins him. Banning kills the terrorist he used as a human shield as he watches as the Hydra 6 rose up and started firing on the helicopters. As the terrorist blocks him in, Banning uses the scoped Heckler & Koch MP5A3 gun to shot out that terrorist's feet and quickly finishes him off before heading to the roof as the Hydra 6 annihilates the SEAL team. He takes the RPG-7 rocket launcher and fires at the last Hydra 6 gun, but that last gun takes out the fifth chopper, as the out of the control helicopter was about to crash on the White House. He moves away from the chopper and went to the hole on it. As the helicopter's rear rotor was about to hit Banning, he lets go of the hole and fells through the third floor and land in the floor of the Lincoln Bedroom, injuring himself as the helicopter explodes, damaging the living quarters of the White House.

As he regains his consciousness, Banning, who is in pain due to the injuries he sustained from the fall, crawl sluggishly to the bed frame of the bed in Lincoln Bedroom. He checks in with the Pentagon. Trumbull says that they've been trying to reach him and asked if he was alright. Banning tells the Speaker that the team needs some serious help and can hold him for insubordination. General Clegg orders Banning to stand down, stating that they need to put him out of here before they can lost another hostage, since Vice President Charlie Rodriguez has been executed by Kang. Banning reminds the general that he doesn't work for him. While Trumbull reprimands Clegg and puts him over his head, Banning tends to his wounds. When Trumbull checks in with Banning, he pulls a piece of debris out of his left abdomen and asked the Speaker what the plan is. The Speaker reluctantly says that they are going to recall the Seventh Fleet and pull their troops out of Korea, as well as give them the helicopter to the North Lawn. Banning tells the Speaker that they cannot give Kang and his men what they wants and he has dealt with these type of men before. He tells Trumbull to give him some time to flush them out. Trumbull says that they are talking about the safety of the President of the United States and Banning replies that they are talking a hell a lot more than that. He reminds The Speaker that he is acting president now and that he is the best hope he's got. Trumbull tells Banning he's got 30 minutes to try something to flush out the terrorists.

Here to stayEdit

"There is no again. You're gotta die down there alone, cut off from the rest of the world. My advice, save the last bullet for yourself. Because if you don't, I'm gotta stick my knife to your brain."
―Banning taunting Kang on the video chat [src]

Banning finally calls Leah, who has been working in the hospital since the invasion, and gets a hold of her while he treats his own injuries. Banning tells her he's just checking in. When Leah asked how his day been, he only said to her that he's been busy, not wanting to tell her that he's inside to the White House to worry her. Banning asked his wife if she was okay, Leah says that she's alright and that she had to stay in the hospital longer than she thought. He replied that he had to stay longer too. When Leah asked her husband if he can come home tonight, Banning replies that he will and they got a date to do soon. Then Banning says he has to go and only said to Leah that paperwork is starting piling up, not wanting to worry Leah about his current situation. Banning tells Leah that he loves her before hanging up to do his job. Once he patches himself up, Banning went to work.

Banning confronts Kang at video chat

Banning confronts Kang at the video chat

At the security room, Banning disables the communications in the bunker and speaks to Kang on the video conference. He taunts the terrorist that if he looked like he has seen a ghost after having Forbes to tell him that he's dead. Then, Banning says that there will be no televised executions, no chopper and no more negotiating with him. When Kang says he will send President Asher's body out, Banning says it won't matter because whatever Kang thinks he accomplished, he will not be alive to see it. Kang unhappily orders his computer expert, Lim, to shut the video chat down. But Banning says that he is not shutting him down and is here to say. Kang admits that he underestimated him and that it will not happened again. Banning says that there will be no again because he will die down in the bunker alone and cut off from the world. He advises Kang to save the last bullet for himself or he will stick his knife to his brain. Then he taunts that he send photos of his body to the press, because he knows Kang likes that kind of stuff before shutting down the video chat and locking out Kang's video access, before heading out to the bunker where Kang will leave.

As Banning arriving the stairway near the front lobby, where Kang intends to kill Secretary McMillan outside the White House in front of the media, he uses a scoped rifle to kill Kang's henchman Cho. As he tried to shoot at Kang, Banning kills another one of Kang's men. As he headed downstairs to get away from gunfire, Kang retreats back to the bunker and U.S. troops pulled McMillan to safety. As two of Kang's men we're coming to the stairway, Banning kills one coming in the stairway and blind fires his pistol to mortally wound the other one before finished him off swiftly. When Trumbull checks in, Banning tells him that Kang got away and is back in the bunker. Trumbull tells him he give it a good shot and that he saved McMillan as Banning continued on to try to stop the threat.

Banning vs. KangEdit

While Banning was patrolling the White House, Trumbull informs him that they have to get Kang and President out of the open while giving the terrorist the chopper to give it their best shot. Then he heard an explosion. Banning looked at the North Lawn, he was horrified that the helicopter exploded and feared the worst. He asked Trumbull what happened and Trumbull just says that it's hard to tell and that Kang killed himself, along with the President and the other hostages. After a moment, Banning is suspicious about the explosion and tells Trumbull that Kang would not go out like a suicide bomber because Banning knows that is not who he is. He suspects that Kang is still in the bunker with President Asher and he will try to slip away. Trumbull informs Banning that if Kang is still in the bunker with the president, Banning cannot let Kang leave with Asher. Banning promised he won't let them escape as he heads to the elevator that goes down the PEOC.

While Kang and his men are attempting to escape with the President, the elevator arrives in the bunker and Banning quickly kills two of Kang's men with the final rounds of his Glock 17 pistol. As President Asher knocked Kang's last henchman Yu off him and tries to confront Kang, Banning ran towards the hallway while near the concrete wall and slid down to his knees to grab Yu's gun away from him as Yu tried to use the wall to sprang a surprise attack. After a brief fight, Banning managed to get behind Yu and breaks his neck, killing Yu.

Banning kills Kang

Banning kills Kang

After Kang shot President Asher in the abdomen when trying to get Kang's gun away from him, Banning rushes towards and managed to have Kang lose his pistol. As they fight each other, Kang proves to be a skilled martial-artist. Although Banning managed to land a few hits on him and knock Kang's knives away, the terrorist mastermind kicks him down to the ground. Banning grabs one of the Kang's knives and tries to attack him with it. Although he slashed the terrorist's leg after blocking one of his kicks and again slashed his right arm, Kang pushes Banning to the concrete wall and he made the agent lose the knife during the struggle. After knocking Banning down, Kang begins to strangle him with his right hand. As he was about to be choked to death, Kang taunted Banning "Looks like you failed again, Mike.". With those poor choice of words and Kang seeing the wounded Asher struggling to get close to him, the motivated Banning elbow strike Kang's right arm off him and knees his head. Then Banning jumps and rolls down the floor, holding Kang in the headlock with his legs. He then breaks the terrorist's right arm, incapacitating him. Banning sees a nearby knife and grabs it with his left hand and stabs it into Kang's head, killing the terrorist mastermind and proving true to his words earlier.

Shutting Down CerberusEdit

After Banning kills Kang, he tries to tend the injured President Asher, who tells him that Kang activated Cerberus and deactivate the nuclear bombs that Kang put to blow up the United States. Banning tells Asher to press his stomach wound in and rushed to shut down Cerberus. He tells the Pentagon that the President Asher is alive, but hurt and asked how to shut off the nuclear devices. As Trumbull tells someone to get the deactivation codes, General Clegg tells Banning to get to the control panel marked "Countermand" and flip a switch that is marked "Initiate Recall". Once Banning did all that, the deactivation sequence was initiated.

OHF- Mike and Leah embrace

Mike is reunited with Leah after he escorts the President out of the WH bunker.

As the time was getting close to 30 seconds, Banning tells them to hurry up. Monroe gives him the deactivation codes step-by-step. When Monroe said the word "Hash tag", Banning was confused as he didn't know what it is. Jacobs quickly tells Banning that it's Shift-3. After Banning typed in pound sign, Monroe gave him the final codes. Once it was done, Banning and others in The Pentagon waited several tense moments while the code was being transmitted as the countdown almost reached zero. When the countdown reached 3 seconds, Cerberus was deactivated, much to Banning's immediate relief as the nightmarish situation is finally over.


By dawn, Banning takes the wounded President Asher out of the White House. As they went to the front entrance, Banning apologizes for the damage on the White House. President Asher says that he believes the building is insured as the US troops took the President from Banning as they left the building. As Mike was being escorted, he sees Connor hugging his father outside the ambulance and felt so relieved to see that as he was escorted by troops to the ambulance. While he about to checked on by paramedics, he sees Leah waiting in the ambulance. Leah comes over to him and they embraced.

Banning returns to Presidential detail

Banning, returned to the Presidential detail.

Days later, Banning is reinstated to the Presidential detail as he, along with Connor, Jacobs and General Clegg, watch President Asher addressing the public about the aftermath of the attack on the lives lost and his assurance that America will rebuild from the attack. After the speech, Mike and President Asher shook hands. As Benjamin and Connor left the press room, Mike stands proudly, knowing he has redeemed himself.

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