Rose Kenter
Status: Alive
Residence(s): London, England
Profession: Home Secretary of the United Kingdom
Played by: Penny Downie
Appears in: 1 film

Rose Kenter was a Home Secretary of the United Kingdom in London Has Fallen.

London Has FallenEdit

Home Secretary Kenter discussed with high-ranking British Government officials in a Joint Security Committee meeting on the state funeral of British Prime Minister James Wilson. She proposed the funeral to take place on 4:PM on the 9th of Thursday. She states that the attendees will be the all the world leaders, with the lone exception of the President of Russia. Kenter then told them that The Royal Family will attend the private service in that morning. She then said it will become a logistical nightmare due to the security of the attending world leaders, so she told them to make sure the funeral runs without any major issues. Kevin Hazard, the Head of Scotland Yard, asked Kenter if there was any requests from the American government and joked if they asked if they want to bring in Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Kenter said that 19 special requests from 12 different countries were made, but they denied all of them. She asked John Lancaster, the head of MI5 counter-intelligence, if there are any security threats they should worry about. After Lancaster gave out some security concerns about the threats of their countries, Kenter listened as newly named British Prime Minister Leighton Clarkson asked if any of the threats are actionable and Lancaster replied no. Kenter nodded as Prime Minister Clarkson told everyone to give Wilson the ceremony he deserved.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Rose Kenter was portrayed by Penny Downie in London Has Fallen.


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