Sultan Mansoor (died 2016) was a terrorist hacker working for the Barkawi Arms Network.


A drone strike was authorized by G7 leaders to kill wanted arms dealer Aamir Barkawi. Though the attempt fails, Sultan loses his legs in the process.

London Has Fallen Edit

Sultan acts as the hacker for the terrorist group led by Kamran Barkawi. Sultan helps coordinate the attacks on the world leaders and in particular, President Benjamin Asher. While chasing Asher, Sultan's brother Raza is killed by Mike Banning which Sultan is forced to witness over the radio.

During the attempted execution of Asher, Mike enters and opens fire, saving Asher. In the process, Mike shoots Sultan several times in the chest, apparently killing him.

As Mike and Kamran struggle, a mortally wounded Sultan pulls the pin on a grenade and throws it in an attempt to kill Banning and Asher. The attempt fails though it allows Kamran to escape.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sultan Mansoor was portrayed by Mehdi Dehbi in London Has Fallen.


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